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VEPRIMIN 3 Panel Room Divider Features 

VEPRIMIN 3 Panel Room Divider Grey 

VEPRIMIN 3 Panel Room Divider Beige

VEPRIMIN 3 Panel Room Divider Black 

Other Veprimin Products

What makes the Veprimin room divider different?

Rings With Clips For Hanging

Rings With Clips For Hanging

Explore the ideal solution for hanging banners, logos, and custom-designed clothing on a room divider using our versatile rings equipped with clips.

Double Hinged Panel Connector

Double Hinged Connectors

Through the utilization of connector hinges, the screen can be assembled and customized into various standing patterns.

Privacy Shield Strips

Privacy Shield Strips

With the installation of advanced privacy shield strips, our products provide you with complete privacy.

Adjustable Stable Feet

Freestanding Adjustable Legs

Utilizing freestanding adjustable legs provides functionality for versatile usage and allows customization according to your requirements.

VEPRIMIN Room Divider Panel Screens Specifications

Fabric Type180g Polyester
Dimension (Max Wide) 3 Panels259cm (W) x 180cm(H) | 102”W x 71”H

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