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Our story begins with my experience as an international student, grappling with the challenge of maintaining privacy while sharing a residence with six to eight other people. In 2017, I tirelessly searched for a solution that could offer me lucrative privacy, but my efforts proved futile. However, this setback sparked a flame of innovation within me, igniting the idea to create a product that could revolutionize the concept of room dividers.

Driven by the desire to provide a flexible, lightweight, and 100% private solution, I embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship. In 2020, Veprimin was born, initially establishing its roots within the local market.

Fast forward to 2022, and our determination to empower individuals with privacy led us to take a bold step onto the expansive platform of Amazon. As our presence expanded, our products found their way into the homes and hearts of countless customers, earning us recognition and loyalty.


🏠【Upgraded Room Divider Design / Panel Screen / Privacy Screens】 VEPRIMIN 3-Panel Privacy Screen Room Divider is crafted to provide solution of the problems with existing room dividers. It has upgraded fabric to 180 GSM polyester which is breathable, not see-through, cleaning friendly and water resistant, are equipped with shading strips to provide privacy.


Panels Frames


Manuals in English & French

Rings with Clips

Shedding Strips

Veprimin Room Divider Features

Veprimin Room Divider comes with various features and different variations.

We have introduced Shading Strips for connecting frames to block sunlight from gaps and provide 100% privacy to you.

 Our wall room divider is light and portable, extensively used in a diverse settings to provide privacy from neighbors, serve as décor, and set up as a changing/fitting room. 

All Veprimin Room Divider are crafted using upgraded fabric to 180 GSM polyester which is breathable, not see-through, cleaning friendly and water resistant.

VEPRIMIN privacy screen room divider got you covered without breaking your bank or minimizing your budget.

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The instructions are simple and easy to assemble. Easy it is to fold up.

“It is great to divide a room and Privacy if you want to open your front door.

“After standing up all 3 individual panels, It turned out to be perfect and exactly what I was looking for which was something to hang some tapestry on to make the “mancave” a bit more lively. “

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